Deschamps made “professional misconduct”, it swings!

Despite the remarkable career of the France team during the World Cup in Qatar, the management of the coach of the Blues remains singled out.

If Didier Deschamps has returned until 2026, the coach ofFrench team is still not unanimously accepted by some observers.

The technician’s record in terms of results is not disputed (a world champion title, a World Cup final and a Euro final), but certain more specific points have been singled out. Among the thorniest is the management of penalty shootouts. A fatal exercise for the Blues in the round of 16 of the Euro against Switzerland, then in the final of the World Cup against Argentina…

“I can’t tolerate this”, launches a specialist in the post of goalkeeper

By declaring that the shooting sessions were akin to “the lottery” to underline the luck factor at this crucial moment in a match, Didier Deschamps made the goalkeeper specialists jump. Christophe Lollichon, former goalkeeping coach at Chelsea, has a clear opinion on the matter.

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“Personally, I cannot tolerate that, he thundered in remarks made in After Foot, on RMC. Penalties, you have to be successful, but penalties have to be worked on, you have to prepare, you have to analyze, and you can even push the vice by analyzing the routines of the opposing goalkeeper. I always cite the same example – you may have heard me say this: we won a Champions League with Chelsea in 2012 with Petr Cech. We had 6 penalties against us, 5 during the series and one during extra time. Petr Cech started 6 times on the right side and deflected 3. I had analyzed all Bayern Munich penalties from 2007 to 2012. I had 31 penalty minutes! I spent nights. I had 15 analysis points. And I was lucky to have a goalkeeper like Petr Cech who is a computer on legs and who remembers everything…”.

“We did not work on the ground, but on the video”

Lollichon continued his reflection by providing elements on his working method. ” We didn’t work on the field, we only worked on the video“. Despite the “respect” he has for the national coach, Christophe Lollichon believes that this specific point is akin to professional misconduct in the management of this World Cup. “I have absolutely nothing against Didier because I trained with him at the FC Nantes training center – and then great respect for what he won – but for someone who wouldn’t work on penalties, don’t would not analyze them, personally I consider it professional misconduct”. It is said.

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