Delphine Wespiser talks about the indecent offer made to her by an 80-year-old businessman (VIDEO)

On the set of Do not touch My TV, Delphine Wespiser revealed that a very old businessman had made her an interested proposal. The columnists and Cyril Hanouna immediately sought to find out the amount of money that was at stake.

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Delphine Wespiser don’t hesitate to confide on the set of Do not touch My TV. The exchanges between columnists are often an opportunity to learn a little more about the private life of the former Miss France. She had thus mentioned several times her relationship with her companion Roger, from which she separated last September. More recently, she revealed what was amazing sound kills love or the identity of “his new fantasy”. But this Thursday, January 19, the beauty returned to the astonishing proposal that was made to her by a very old man.

He offered her “a lot of money” to be his wife

Cyril Hanouna has indeed discussed with his columnists the blackmail suffered by Pierre Palmade and from which he was able to escape thanks to the support of Véronique Sanson. Bouncing on this news item, Delphine Wespiser shared an anecdote about her. “It’s not me who should have given the money. It’s rather the opposite. I would have received money”, she explained. Before giving more details on this strange affair. It was a few years ago. A wealthy industrialist of a very certain age offered me very explicitly to give me lots and lots of money, really a lot of money to be by his side permanently. To become his wife, she continued. Cyril Hanouna and his columnists immediately gave figures to find out how much he had been able to offer him. “1 million, 10 million…”they launched all over the place. “If you don’t give us numbers, we don’t care”, the host was annoyed by the silence of his speaker on the amount of the sum involved. Delphine Wespiser tried to kick into touch by embarking on a second anecdote. But the host refused to let go.

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“Il was really going to fit me very, very well”

Roger’s ex-girlfriend, on the other hand, agreed to give the age of the man concerned. “He was 80 years old anyway”, she asserted. As for the money, it remained vague. “There was not really a sum. He made me understand that he was really going to put me very, very well”, she simply agreed to confide about the amount at stake. “It was not a sum. It was a sugar daddy”, defended her Béatrice Rosen. A story that is not without evoking Indecent Proposalthe movie with Robert Redford and Demi Moore. Delphine Wespiser obviously refused this transaction. “I made him understand that I didn’t eat that bread.” she confirmed.

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