Delphine Wespiser reveals to have fallen under the spell of an actor unveiled in a sulphurous Netflix series (VIDEO)

In Do not touch My TV this Friday, January 13, Delphine Wespiser revealed that she had found her “new fantasy”. This is an actor that Netflix subscribers will no doubt also have noticed…

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Don’t touch my post does not just deal with media news and social events… The broadcast of Cyril Hanouna allows you to learn a little more, each evening, about the columnists who make up the band. Delphine Wespiser don’t escape it. It is also in this program that Miss France 2012, for the first time, mentioned her breakup last September with Roger, the businessman who shared his life for seven years, without going into details. Single, the young woman always confides in her expectations and her desires… This was again the case this Friday, January 13.

A very nice find

As usual, Cyril Hanouna surveyed his speakers on their tastes, this time, in terms of films. The ex-beauty queen has said she doesn’t necessarily like horror films, but rather prefers mushy stories. Delphine Wespiser shared the latest discovery that haunts her days and nights…”I like to watch love movies and recently I watched a movie that really moved me“, teases the pretty brunette of 31 years, before giving the name of this one. “His name is 365 days. He is just amazing!“, she says, finding the look of Béatrice Rosen who shares the same opinion. One element in particular seems to be at the origin of this common passion… Some “Italian“, specifies the Alsatian.There is an actor in this film who does not leave us indifferent“, ends up clearly declaring the Franco-American actress seen in Smallville and Charmed, notably. The enthusiasm around the actor is such that Delphine Wespiser admits: “I found my new fantasy!

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A controversial plot

The lucky winner is Michele Morronea dark brown that ignite social networks with his stature! The majority of Netflix subscribers have surely known him thanks to his role in the sulphurous Polish saga available since the summer of 2020 on the international streaming platform. He plays a mafioso there, kidnapping a young woman to whom he launches a crazy bet: to fall in love with him in 365 days. A third part of the erotic thriller, at the heart of debatewas released in 2022.

Do not touch My TVto be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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