Delphine Wespiser reveals in TPMP what “disgusts” her in a man

Last September, Delphine Wespiser formalized her breakup with Roger, a nightclub boss 26 years her senior. On Instagram, she wrote in the caption of a couple photo: “Because it was him and because it was her. 7 years ago we met in the colorful night. He showed me the light, the one that fills his heart. Together we lived, traveled , dreamed, built. We loved each other, shared and we crossed the mountains, together, always together”. Then to conclude: “I wish you all to live a story like the one my beautiful star gave me by making me meet my solar love. A love story against all odds that will embrace my heart and my soul forever. Thank you, thank you for everything. I wish you from the bottom of my heart the best for the rest of the path where I will never be far. Ciao Amore”.

“It disgusts me”

Yesterday, Thursday January 12, the columnist of Cyril Hanouna gave her opinion on one of the questions asked by the host. “What’s the worst kill-love?”, he asked. Matthieu Delormeau confided, for example, that he could not stand people who lack intelligence and conversation. For her part, Valérie Benaïm, who now officiates on I24News, explained that she could not turn a blind eye to the stinginess and the lack of hygiene. Beatrice Rosen also joined her on this last point since she also stressed that she could not bear poor personal hygiene.

Finally, when Delphine Wespiser’s turn came, the ex-Miss France gave a rather surprising answer which did not fail to react on the set of TPMP. She confided: “Me when a man can’t sing and can’t dance. When he doesn’t have the rhythm, it disgusts me”. Feeling obliged to justify herself following the reactions of her colleagues and the public, the young woman advanced a rather simple reason. “I love partying”, she insisted. And to develop: “When the person does not have the rhythm, it does not gos because somewhere in dance it can be compared to the rhythm of love”. Just that.

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