Delphine Wespiser balances the very indecent proposal made by an 80-year-old man (VIDEO)

To seduce a woman, some men rely on humor, others on their physique or their romanticism. But some choose to highlight a very particular aspect of their life: their well-filled bank account. This is what Delphine Wespiser, columnist for Cyril Hanouna, experienced in Do not touch My TV (C8).

The former Miss France thus told Thursday evening, on the set of the C8 program, having received a very indecent proposal from a rich man. “It was a few years ago. A wealthy industrialist of a very certain age offered me, very explicitly, to give me lots and lots of money, but really a lot of money to be by his side all the time. .to become his wife”, she explained.

While her comrades pressed her to reveal the amount offered by this rather special suitor, Delphine Wespiser refused to give the slightest figure. “He was 80 years old anyway (…) There was not really a sum. He made me understand that he was really going to put me very, very well (…) I made him understand that I did not eat of that bread”she added about her potential Sugar Daddy.

“Living with someone who’s old enough doesn’t bother me. And a millionaire I don’t mind. But I could be in a tent with someone who doesn’t have any money if I ‘love”concluded the one who <...

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