Deal concluded: Sophie Davant attacked and bitten by her dog in full live on France 2

Like he usually does, this Wednesday, January 4 Sophie Davant presented two new issues of Deal concluded on France 2. The first show was marked by Raoul, the host’s dog. The latter has continued to attack his mistress. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Affaire Conclue, a program that is a hit with viewers

Launched in 2017 on France 2, Deal Concluded is a real hit with viewers. Its concept is very simple. Indeed, the program connects individuals who have an object for sale with professional antique and second-hand dealers. Before going to the room sales, the object is estimated by an auctioneer. Some draw a small jackpot, others take a flop. A real show, which made converts.

But this Wednesday, January 4, it is not an object that has been talked about. But rather the dog of Sophie Davant. Very affected by the death of her dog Djette, the host had taken more than 2 years to mourn and welcome a new dog into her family. But barely adopted, Raoul has already become the darling ofDeal Concluded. On the other hand, he is quite naughty. In the middle of the show, he decided to bite the calf of the presenter of France 2.

Sophie Davant attacked by her dog

While a saleswoman came to estimate a painting, the animator was being bitten. And the least we can say is that the presenter of Affaire Conclue had a hard time calming him down. In particular, she asked her interlocutor: “You love animals, do you have a remedy for small dogs that bite the calf? “. The saleswoman tried to help Sophie Davant, in vain. In full expertise, the dog of the presenter decided to attack his shoe.

It must be said that the strap was undone. The auctioneer interrupts and launches to the presenter of Affaire Conclue: “You lose your shoe”. The latter, annoyed, looks at the ground. Eventually, she decides to give up:I give up my shoe”. Sophie Davant finds herself with a bare foot while her dog plays with her shoe. Afterwards, she put the leash on him. But nothing helps. He decided to continue his nonsense by biting and pulling on his leash causing his mistress to waver.

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