Deadly attack in a church in Spain: religious killed with a machete, investigation for terrorism … what we know

This Wednesday, January 25, a stabbing attack was perpetrated in a Church in Algeria, in the south of Spain. One dead and four injured are to be deplored.

“Death to Christians”. These are the few words that the assailant said before taking action. This Wednesday, January 25, shortly before 8 p.m., this man attacked a church in southern Spain, in the town of Algerias. Armed with a bladed weapon, he wasa person, a sextonand injured four others.

According to the Spanish media reporting the facts, the assailant began by going to a church in the center of Algérias, in the province of Cadiz in southern Spain. He then apostrophizes the believers present there, calling on them to convert to Islam.

Machete attack

After leaving the place of worship for the first time, the man returns to the church an hour later. Following an argument with the priest, he then becomes violent, and attacks the monk with a machete hurting him in the neck.

The suspect then goes to another church a few meters away. This is where he mortally wounds the sexton. His body was found unresponsive in the forecourt. He also desecrated the places and injured three other people.

Investigation for terrorism

The assailant then tried to take refuge in a chapel but was quickly arrested by the Spanish police. The city’s Place Alta, the scene of the drama where the religious buildings were located, has been completely cordoned off.

The alleged culprit is said to be a 25-year-old Moroccan national. A investigation for terrorism has just been opened to determine whether the attacker had planned to perpetrate this attack for a long time.

A rally is scheduled for noon this Thursday, January 26 in memory of the sexton who was murdered.

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