Dave looks back on his domestic accident in “TPMP People”

Dave confides in the accident that made him lose his taste and smell Screenshot

VIDEO – A year after being hospitalized, the singer and TV host was invited to the set of the show broadcast on C8.

Dave was the guest of Matthew Delormeau in “TPMP People” this Saturday, January 21. And as he was just beginning his interview, the presenter wanted to take news of the health of the 78-year-old singer. As a reminder, on January 25, 2022, Dave had been in a coma for four days and hospitalized for almost a month following a bad fall. “I fell back and I don’t remember anything, absolutely nothing and I can’t wait to remember. But my companion, on the other hand, it really traumatized him because he lived all that.

“It’s absolutely unbearable”

But the hardest thing for the singer and host is that following this domestic accident he lost his taste and smell. “I didn’t have the covid knock on wood. But unbearable, it’s time to sleep with dirty people because I don’t feel anything”quips the man on the set. “Jokes aside, no kidding. I know that a lot of people, because of covid, sometimes go through this for ten days but there are cases where it lasts more than a year and it is absolutely unbearable when you are even slightly attached to this genre of pleasure.” He explains that he feels no taste, so “for the food than a good glass of wine”.

“Even the neurologist doesn’t know when it’s going to come back“, laments the singer before adding: So I know a case, a Dutch singer who had a car accident, cerebral hemorrhage, seventeen years it lasted. So that still brings me to almost 80 years old.. And the TV host is not his first medical setback. He says that a year ago, “With Patrick, he’s my boyfriend, we both almost died of carbon monoxide in the same villa.” He explains that this episode also led them both to the hospital. Turning to the camera, Dave strives to educate viewers. “Take an alarm system […] the gas smells nothing, like carbon monoxide… and you die!” “Do you know what saved me somewhere? When it happened to me I fell and thought of a book by Anny Duperey who lost both her parents at the age of 8 to carbon monoxide. So afterwards I called Anny Duperey, whom I don’t know, whom I really like, and I thanked her“says the host.


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