Credit or savings scam sites have multiplied in 2022

Inflation everywhere, even among scammers… The bank policeman announced on Wednesday that it had registered 3% more sites on its “blacklist” last year than last year. In total, 1,243 sites or entities in France offering financial products (loans, savings accountssaving…) without being authorized to do so, have been pinned.

“Almost all” of the fraudulent offers “concern fake loans or savings books and, for more than 56% of them, usurp the identity of an establishment or a financial intermediary duly authorized to market such products”, explains the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR). Other products are concerned such as payment services and insurance contracts.

Non-exhaustive list

The ACPR, sometimes assisted by theFinancial Markets Authority (AMF), regularly warns the general public against the increase in scams around financial products.

In general, products with financial conditions “much more attractive than those of traditional establishments”, investments “both very profitable and without risk of capital loss, allowing you to quickly earn a lot of money” must be considered as suspicious. .

The Autorité also points out that the blacklist of “loans, savings accounts, payment services and insurance” cannot be exhaustive “insofar as new unauthorized sites regularly appear on the Internet”.

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