“Covid, just a flu”, “I don’t believe it”, a columnist from “TPMP” shocks Cyril Hanouna and his colleagues about vaccination, the host interrupts him!

After having questioned the President of the Republic in TPMP People last Saturday, this Monday January 16, the star Afida Turner was back on C8. Invited on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, the one who has lived for several years in Los Angeles made it known during the show that she was not vaccinated against Covid-19 before making remarks that extremely disturbed the chroniclers.

“I don’t need to be vaccinated, I’m protected by everything! I don’t believe in vaccines. […] I did not believe in covid. For me, it was just a bit more intense flu. I know a lot of people who got vaccinated and had covid three or four times. Ultimately, I think it puts the immune system very down,” said Afida Turner.

And to add: “Thank God, I’m never sick. I do a lot of sports, I drink a lot of soup and coffee and tea and I believe in God, I pray a lot”, said the latter while Géraldine Maillet immediately replied ironically: ” It is ok then “…

” I do not believe it “

Asked by Cyril Hanouna once again about vaccination, Afida Turner stuck to his guns by assuring that most of the people around him who had taken the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had subsequently been hospitalized.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t want to put something in my system that takes away my antibodies and go to the hospital. I stay like that and I take care of myself and I take antibiotics if I have the flu”, concluded the interpreter of “Etienne”.

“We can’t let someone say that, we are totally delirious”was offended Valérie Benaïm afterwards…

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