couple dies trying to save son from drowning

While visiting Camaçari beach in the state of Paraiba on January 10, two 40-year-old Brazilian parents saw their 13-year-old son struggling in the middle of the waves. They tried to save him and drowned. Rescuers were able to save the teenager.

It must have been a moment of joy at the edge of one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil in the northeast of the country. Felisberto Sampaio, 43, and Inalda Sampaio, 42, saw their 13-year-old son drowning in the middle of the waves on January 10.

Immediately they threw themselves into the water but were swept away by the waves according to the New York Post. In the meantime, the emergency services intervened and were able to bring their son back, safe and sound.

A saved but orphaned child

Rescuers also found the bodies of both parents. They did try to resuscitate them but unfortunately the two perished, drowned. The teenager, now an orphan, was transported to the hospital where he was taken care of by the doctors.

In Brazil, the sea currents are very strong and last month a father sank in the sea while saving his son from drowning. The victims’ local priest, Leonardo Meneses, paid tribute to the courageous couple. “I know the circumstances are very painful and difficult for us to understand,” the bereaved cleric said. “Only eternity will explain to us all the mysteries of life,” he added.

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