Convincing victory of the Blues against Slovenia

The French handball team concluded the first round of the Men’s World Cup by a faultless performance which half-opens the door to the quarter-finals, after a third victory in as many games, on Monday against the Slovenia (35-31) in Katowice, in Poland.

The Blues, already winners of Poland (26-24) and Saudi Arabia (41-23), will face in the main round, from Wednesday in Krakow, Spain, Iran and Montenegro. Two victories should be enough for them to reach the quarter-finals.

The Blues, who already had their ticket for the main round before the match, will indeed approach it with a nest egg of four points, two more than the Slovenians.

First successful test for Olympic champions

This last meeting against Slovenia, which had showered Poland (32-23) in front of its public, represented a test, and the Blues passed it with flying colors. Even deprived of Dika Mem, their right back and key man, injured in the abdominals.

The FC Barcelona player, spared against the Saudis without the coaching specifying that he was injured, was replaced by Nedim Remili, who slipped from the position of center half successfully (7 goals out of 8 attempts).

In general, the entire rear base delivered a full performance: Kentin Mahé (7/12) animated well and scored a few goals which relieved his team. Including two to give him a six-point lead fifteen minutes from the end (28-22).

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