Comparison Duel: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 vs Xiaomi Redmi Pad

The Galaxy Tab A8 may weigh more, it has a smaller battery than that of the Redmi Pad (7040 mAh against 8000 mAh). The size of the accumulator is not always correlated with the measured autonomy, but it is clear that Xiaomi’s slate once again wins the round. On our Viser test protocol, it managed to last 25 h 55 min with dynamic image refresh activated (from 60 Hz to 90 Hz). An excellent result which ensures a certain tranquility of use.

The Samsung tablet, for its part, lasted 17 h 45 min, which is still a very good result. You will therefore benefit from two good devices, but Xiaomi has set the bar very high.

And that’s not all. The Redmi Pad is compatible with charging at 18 W, against 15 W for the Galaxy Tab A8. The Chinese manufacturer, however, provides a 22.5 W charging block, while the South Korean is content with a 7.5 W charger, which requires 4 h 13 min for a full recharge.

We therefore advise you to use a charger of at least 15 W to refuel in about 2 h 30 min. The Redmi Pad offers a more powerful charger in the box, and takes a similar amount of time despite being equipped with a larger battery.

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Our battery tests are automated by viSer, the application developed by the company SmartAim.

The results obtained with viSer come from measurements carried out in real conditions of use (videos, launching of applications, web browsing, etc.).

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