Rumor has it that Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant. Thus, his mother Caroline of Monaco is very worried.

The princely family of Monaco attends a funeral

Recently, the British crowned heads lost a loved one. This is Maximilian, the Margrave of Baden. This character is a cousin of King Charles III. Besides, he lived for 89 years, a long and full life. And it was on December 29, 2022 that he passed away. According to the order of succession, his son Bernhard succeeded him.

The latter therefore became titular margrave and head of the house. To show their support for the British royal family, Albert and Caroline of Monaco made the trip for the funeral of the margrave. But the latter seems to be concerned. The reason would be that Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant is pregnant.

Caroline of Monaco looks worrying.

Caroline of Monaco insisted on accompanying her brother Albert of Monaco to the funeral of Margrave Maximilian. Moreover, his son Pierre Casiraghi was also present. All three were therefore in Salem, Austria. Moreover a photo was posted on Instagram. Photo that has been widely commented on by Internet users. The reason is that Caroline of Monaco seemed not to look good.

Indeed, according to some, she would have lost weight. In fact, others even find that she looks worried. Everyone therefore wonders why she has such a mine. Thus, Internet users believe that it is because his eldest daughter Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant.

Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant, her mother would not share her joy

Following the photo of Carolina of Monaco at the funeral she attended in Austria, various theories emerged. In effect, everyone expresses an opinion on the possible reasons for his weight loss as well as his bad appearance. But the magazine Here gave a rather surprising answer.

Indeed, according to this magazine, the bad mine of Caroline of Monaco would be due to a family problem. She would be devastated because Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant. In other words, she would not have validated the pregnancy of her eldest daughter.