Charles Bolzinger (France): “Being there is a dream”

Romain Lagarde: “Very happy to have been able to participate”

Romain Lagarde (left back, 1 of 3 on penalties, entered 15 minutes from the end) : “Charles (Bolzinger) and I hadn’t entered yet (no minute since the start of the preparation). So, I’m very happy to have been able to participate. The whole team was serious. I train with the guys every day, so I kept up the pace. After Poland (Wednesday), I went to do physical preparation in the annex room. So with Charles, we keep the rhythm. It went well, pretty happy. We have a big game against Slovenia in two days (Monday), we will prepare well. I warmed up well at half-time, I knew I was going to come in second. It was fast enough to get me on my feet, we did some good physical work beforehand. »


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