Celine Dion sick and at worst: The release of her first film could be postponed

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The state of health of Celine Dion is still a concern. The singer who should however this year 2023 release her first film. What justify the many questions that his fans are asking about his ability to keep his commitments in these difficult times.

Celine Dion was to return to the forefront of the media scene for this year 2023. After more than a year of absence, the singer has indeed suggested that she will be at 100% of her capacities for a series of concerts starting next April. It was without counting on an unforeseen event that will keep her away from her fans for an indefinite period. As a reminder, she suffers from unbearable muscle pain that prevents her from indulging in her favorite passion. A pathology requiring a lot of rest from this exceptional artist. We do not yet know when she will be able to sing again. One thing is certain, she can count on the support of everyone around her who only wants to see her back on her feet. A desire shared by his fans around the world.

A fierce fight that continues for Celine Dion

The fight continues for Celine Dion and it is far from easy. However, the singer wants to be optimistic, as she explained during a previous interview: “ I train every day with my sports medicine therapist to gain strength and endurance. To allow me to perform again. But I have to admit it’s an ongoing struggle. To find you, I have no choice but to focus on my health “. A complementary intervention with his previous statements: “ As you know, I’ve always been an open book. But until now, I couldn’t talk about what I had to go through… Jwas diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Stiff-Person syndrome… We don’t yet know everything about this rare disease, but we now know that it is the cause of the muscle spasms I suffer from “.

Celine Dion is therefore concentrating for the moment on her healing. According to our colleagues from Closer: “ The singer would not be able to appear in public. And therefore to ensure the promotion of the film “. As a reminder, this is a production which was originally due to be released on June 7th. A date which ultimately remains uncertain insofar as the singer is not yet restored.

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