Carla Bruni reveals her addiction and her mind-blowing meals!

"I was drinking 30 or 40 Coca Colas a day" : Carla Bruni reveals her addiction and her mind-blowing meals!  - BestImage

“I drank 30 or 40 Coca Cola a day”: Carla Bruni reveals her addiction and her mind-blowing meals! – BestImage

Addictions, Carla Bruni knows about it and has agreed to talk about it with Rose for her podcast “Contre-Addictions”, this Thursday, January 5. The opportunity to reveal one, mind-blowing.

It is with pleasure that Carla Bruni responded to the invitation of the singer Rose for her podcast Counter-Addictions. The opportunity for the former First Lady to discuss her few addictions, such as love, but also alcohol, which she stopped consuming. But there are also other more rare addictions and there is one that Carla Bruni had to confess, this Thursday, January 5. “I suffered from all the addictions, I started with sugar, very very assiduously, big fan of sugar, big shots of sugar“, says the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy. She started from childhood, but it is above all her consumption of a certain famous sweet drink that leaves you speechless.

I had to drink, I don’t know, 30 or 40 Cokes a day“, let know the ex-top. “I didn’t eat a normal meal, I only ate lozenges Pulmoll (beneficial lozenge that relieves sore throat, editor’s note). Five boxes. Or three cans of Valda and four Cokes, that was my meal“, she confides. Then, Carla Bruni discovered tobacco, around the age of 14-15. All the members of her family were smokers and had a hard time banning her, despite their dissatisfaction. “And then alcohol“, concludes the singer and interpreter of Someone told me. “I haven’t touched on drugs very much because I don’t really like to put myself upside down“, she says. Today, she quit alcohol and…

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