Can you unlock your PER from the legal retirement age without taking it?

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Can I recover the money deposited on my PER at 62 even if I do not retire?

A plan ofpension saving (PER) can be released before retirement if the subscriber is faced with an accident of life, regardless of age (for example, death, disability, etc.). Unblocking is also authorized to buy a principal residence, but, unlike the previous cases, this withdrawal will then be taxable.

Then, taking advantage of his PER is possible as soon as the beneficiary has reached the legal retirement age (set at 62 today, however, the government plans to roll it back as part of its pension reform), without having the obligation to retire, or if he benefits from a special scheme (long career, military, RATP, etc.), provided that he has liquidated his pension rights (unlike the previous case ), regardless of age. Finally, in both cases, it is possible to continue your activity while benefiting from the savings acquired on your retirement savings plan.

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Let us not forget that the withdrawals will then be taxed under pensions and retirement for the part of the premiums paid, if the payments had been deducted from taxable income, but without the abatement of 10% granted to pensions.

As for the gains generated, they will be subject to the single flat-rate levy or to the income tax scale, depending on the option chosen.

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