Camille Santoro reveals why she will not be returning to the program Families large, XXL

To everyone’s surprise, Camille Santoro announced, this Friday, January 20, his departure from the show Large families: life in XXL.

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The Santoro are among the tribes that made the docu-reality Large families: life in XXL to experience real success. And if the siblings led by Camille and Nicolas need no introduction on the small screen as on the Web, this Friday, January 20, it is sad news their fans learned. Indeed, in her Instagram story, the mother of Alessio, Nino, Emie, Maé, Mattia and Alba – who is also the creator of the brand of children’s pajamas, November 10 – officially announced her departure from the show!

“We stopped shooting”

“I have a little something to tell you“, she first announced, in her Instagram story, this Friday, January 20. Camille then continued:I receive a lot of messages asking me to react to the actions of other families, etc. To be completely transparent with you, I will never take sides. (…) Everyone is free to do what they want as long as people are happy. (…) It does not prevent me from having an opinion, but I have too much to do to take care of what is happening in others. This parenthesis done, Nicolas’s wife came to the essentials, which, by the way, must have disappointed and surprised more than one fan! “We stopped filming last September, in joy and good humor and always grateful for what this adventure has brought us. But you noticed it, our days are really busy and it’s starting to be difficult to put a shoot in there. So we took our little flight and we have to leave room for othersshe said.

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“We are always here”

But let the fans of the tribe be reassured, the departure of the Santoro is only definitive on the small screen! And Camille did not fail to specify it: “Don’t panic, we’re still here. I will always be grateful for the momentum this show gave us. (…) That was a very nice adventure!” But the end of the Santoro’s participation in the XXL program from TF1 will not be as brutal as Camille’s announcement. Indeed, the young couple and their toddlers still have a few adventures to share with viewers in the episodes to come!

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"We stopped spinning" : Camille Santoro reveals why she will not return to the show Families large, XXL

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