Bruno Genesio (Rennes) confirms the departure of Matthis Abline to Auxerre

Rennes coach Bruno Genesio confirmed on Saturday the ready departure (without purchase option) of his striker Matthis Abline (19 years old, 2025) in Auxerre: “Yes, he will have his medical examination tomorrow and everything should be OK for half a season at Auxerre, so that he gets more playing time than with us. It’s also a good way for us to see him evolve at the highest level.”.

Abline has appeared 11 times in Ligue 1 this season with Rennes, but for just 96 minutes in total. He had also played four Europa League matches.

Despite the departure of the international Espoirs (1 selection), Rennes should not seek to recruit a new striker. “No, I don’t think so, we have enough people ahead”added Genesio.


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