Brad Pitt and a shower of stars at the Paris premiere of “Babylon”

Like a guest of honor, Brad Pitt was warmly welcomed on Saturday evening. And it was not capricious weather that managed to demoralize the fans, as impatient as they were unleashed at the idea of ​​seeing their idol. Gathered for hours in front of the Grand Rex, the crowd chanted the name of the star, who came to present a preview of his latest jewel, “Babylon”. Sketching his usual smile, the 59-year-old actor took the time to greet his audience before following his agents inside the cinema where the atmosphere was at its height.

As a taste of the feature film, the spectacle and the show were the key words of the evening. On the frenzied rhythms of the soundtrack of the film, the dancers chained the choreographies, while the trumpeters sounded their instruments in the room.

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brad pitt

Headliner of “Babylon”, Brad Pitt, who plays Jack Conrad, did not hide his joy at having been part of this crazy adventure. “When Damien Chazelle called me to offer me the role, I couldn’t refuse. I wanted to know more about this character, to know where and how I was going to be able to take him. I was very excited at the idea of ​​​​turning, we all were, “he said at the microphone of Paris Match. For the actor, the script was grandiose and deserved attention. “You follow all these characters who see their lives turned upside down, at a completely apocalyptic period when the world of cinema was in full transition. It was really fun to shoot”.

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Damien Chazelle

“Babylon” matured for fifteen years in the mind of its director Damien Chazelle, before finally being able to come to light. “The idea for the film was quite personal, even though I hadn’t been born yet at that time,” quips the Franco-American. It was while exploring, documenting, and getting informed that Damien Chazelle realized that he found himself in this era. “Telling the stories of artists in Hollywood, their dreams, their passions, their despair… All these emotions are easy to describe because I know them and I have already felt them myself. There was this somewhat therapeutic aspect and I think it was also the same for Brad, Margot and the other actors, because we all have deep relationships with the history of Hollywood and cinema.

“Babylon” will be released on January 18, 2023.

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