Boston Dynamics unveils an impressive video of its Atlas robot

He moves objects, throws others, and ends up with a pirouette. In a video, Boston Dynamics gave news of Atlas, its humanoid-like robot developed under the watchful eye of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). And this big guy initially a little clumsy has grown. Performed on a simulated construction site, the robot is able to move a plank and install it in order to access scaffolding itself, then throw a bag of supplies, and finally leave the scene with modesty , performing a kind of front salto.

The novelty here therefore lies in the integration of pliers allowing it to grasp objects, as well as a mobile finger. It is then easy to imagine that depending on the missions entrusted to it, Atlas could be equipped with other tools at its fingertips to perform more or less complex tasks. In previous videos, Boston Dynamics had already presented some feats of Atlas, showing him running or jumping obstacles.

This robot, unveiled to the public on July 11, 2013, has undergone many changes since its launch. In reality, as early as 2015, Atlas was already able to perform various tasks, for example moving debris blocking access, opening a door and entering a building or even driving a vehicle to its destination. Above all, the robot has gained in speed and fluidity in its movements.

The Spot robot is also regularly staged by Boston Dynamics. In another genre, Spot has the appearance of a robot dog, and is not intended for such complex tasks. Recently, an imitation Spot, made by Unitree and sold for around $3,000 on AliExpress, showed itself in a video shooting targets on a vacant lot with a submachine gun attached to its back. In the process, robot manufacturers have reiterated their commitments so that robotics is not used for military purposes.

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