Boss Incognito: the sister of the leader of Isotoner does not recognize him and would have flirted with him

The M6 ​​program broadcast on Monday January 9, 2023 consisting of a disguised boss going to meet his employees made an impression.

When you want to immerse yourself with your employees without being recognized to know what they really think of the company and especially of its manager, you just have to participate in the M6 ​​Patron incognito program.

Georges Elkouby, the brand manager Isotoner, the shoe brand, lent itself to the game as viewers could see in the broadcast this Monday, January 9, 2023, and it chained the blunders…

His sister had been watching him for a few minutes

But before confronting his employees, he had to test his disguise. It was therefore his own sister who served as a guinea pig.

While she was in a Parisian café, Georges Elkouby stepped outside so she could see him, then he entered before settling at the table next to her, watching her insistently.

That’s when he got up all smiles to walk up to her and say, “Hello ma’am, can I get you a coffee?” that his sister recognized him very surprised with a burst of laughter.

Especially since she was aware of his participation in the show. But she didn’t suspect anything until she heard his voice.

She confided: “I saw you outside. I did not recognize you. Oh you are beautiful !

Besides, the disguised boss asked him: “You were saying he’s doing me get in the guy?

She answers : “Well, I thought about it a bit. I thought to myself, he’s not bad…”

Series of blunders: loss of teeth, advice…

Subsequently, the incognito boss will test himself in the deep end. But his false teeth are going to resign and he will bring them down without being able to put them back.

Also, he couldn’t help but to give his opinion. Besides, the woman asks him if he is not her boss by chance.

He then asked in front of another shop people’s opinion passing in front of the store.

Subsequently, it is his deputy director who enters the shop and who tells him “Very good disguise”.

Never seen one #BossIncognito also slammed ud83dude02
He doesn’t play the game at all! Micro sidewalk etc and are director who says “Not bad your disguise” ud83d ude02 ud83d ude02 ud83d ude02

— HKA (@HKALCARAZ) January 9, 2023

Like what not so easy to remain incognito … Not to mention the comments on social networks …

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