Blackmail and heartbreak around the American coach Gregg Berhalter

Trouble reigns in the American federation. This Tuesday, victim of blackmail, United States coach Gregg Berhalter, by mutual agreement with his wife with whom he has been married for twenty-five years and has 4 children, decided to tell what he spent with her in 1991. As an 18-year-old freshman at the University of North Carolina, he wrote that during a ” heated dispute » which extended outside a local bar with Rosalind, then his girlfriend, “it got physical and (he) kicked him in the legs”.

The couple said they were disclosing this information because a “individual contacted US Soccer (the American soccer federation) » during the last World Cup saying “that he had information about (Gregg Berhalter) that would bring (him) down” in “an effort to leverage something very personal from a long time ago to end (his) relationship with US Soccer.”

Blackmail accusations in connection with the management of Reyna by Berhalter

Gold, The Athletic reveals that this individual would be none other than the mother of Giovanni Reyna, the winger of the American selection relegated to the bench by the American coach during the World Cup. Her mother, Danielle Reyna, was actually Rosalind’s college roommate, the girlfriend and then wife of Gregg Barhalter. She decided to alert the American federation on December 11 of these past facts, leading it to launch an investigation.

In Qatar, Giovanni Reyna, son of former player Claudio Reyna, was disappointed with his role in the American team and reportedly did not train much during training sessions, angering staff members and several meetings. The American winger was later mocked on social media for his lack of investment.


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