Big tensions among the Blues of 98?

While Didier Deschamps recognized a sporting rivalry with Zinedine Zidane, which turned into opposition according to the tricolor coach, Lionel Charbonnier spoke of the supposed conflicts within France 98.

We do not touch Zinedine Zidane. Noël Le Graët will have learned this the hard way. Despite the many cases in which the president of the French Football Federation is mired, it is his virulent remarks about the former playmaker that will have precipitated his loss. This exit will also have embarrassed Didier Deschamps, just renewed at the head of the Blues.

The tricolor coach will indeed have taken three days before reacting, conceding that the words of Noël Le Graët were inappropriate. The native of Bayonne also took the opportunity to discuss his relationship with Zinedine Zidane. “The sporting situation has led to a sporting rivalry between the two of us. Even for some an opposition. I will always have a lot of respect for him in relation to what we have lived and shared together,” he thus explained.

This disagreement does not seem to be a unique case among the 22 Blues crowned world champions. Christophe Dugarry and Didier Deschamps, Emmanuel Petit and Zinedine Zidane, Fabien Barthez and Bernard Lama: several conflicts opposed the men of France 98. According to Emmanuel Petit, tensions have never been so strong among the heroes of July 12, 98 . “It saddens me for 1998 in relation to the unity we have always had, since this incredible epic which binds us until the end. There are far too many problems right now. We should all get together and be able to talk honestly and frankly, eye to eye. There are too many things wrong.” he confided to the microphone of RMC.

I did not hear a sensational declaration between players of 1998

Another member of France 98, Lionel Charbonnier is however not on the same line. “I didn’t hear any sensational statement between players from 1998. Dugarry and Deschamps? Yes, but they explained themselves. Zidane and Deschamps? I would like to put things in context. France 98 was born of very intelligent players, individually and collectively. Everyone had their ego in 1998 but collective intelligence took over, he explained. Guys have put away their egos for a very long time. It lasted what it lasted. France 98 gradually withered, some retired more or less quickly, some became coaches, other agents… Some took different currents. But all remain my friends. »

“When we get together and eat apart, I put everything aside, I don’t judge. Why is Deschamps not in the common WhatsApp of France 98? I don’t have to explain it, he continued. Manu (Petit), he has another sensitivity. But I don’t judge. Deschamps and Zidane? I know DD, he has just re-signed, he is close to Le Graët or Le Graët is close to him. But he didn’t give up. He had a personal interest other than France 98 so I don’t have to judge him. Why should DD be cropped? Who defended Zidane today? We said things to each other, and Zizou told us to take a position. I do not judge any member of France 98 when we are together. »

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