Big tensions among the Blues of 98!

The weeks since the last World Cup have brought to light the divisions that exist among the 1998 world champions.

The next France 98 dinner promises to be particularly lively. Usually scheduled for December, it was postponed to the end of January to allow the former Blues present in Qatar for the World Cup to be there. It is unlikely that Didier Deschamps will participate in the evening. Christophe Dugarry had revealed last week that the tricolor coach was no longer even in the Whatsapp group…

But this defection might not be the only one. “I am convinced that there are many people who will not come”, recently predicted Emmanuel Petit, heartbroken by the situation. “It saddens me for 1998 in relation to the unity we have always had, since this incredible epic which binds us until the end. There are far too many problems right now. We should all get together and be able to talk honestly and frankly, eye to eye. There are too many things wrong. »
Bixente Lizarazu has no more illusions, especially concerning Didier Deschamps and Christophe Dugarry, in open warfare for several years. “Yes, I saw myself as a shepherd, but I lost a few sheep… (laughs). Seriously, it doesn’t affect me anymore. Between “Duga” and “DD”, there is nothing more to do, he confided on Tuesday in an interview with L’Equipe. But for me, what we lived together is stronger than anything, it will remain marked for life, so there will always be respect, friendship. Ideally, I would like us all to get along very well, but it’s like in families, sometimes there are problems. But frankly it’s okay, we’re not doing so badly. »

Deschamps could have a bad evening…

Already absent during the previous dinners between heroes of July 12, 1998, Didier Deschamps should probably shine by his absence. Because Christophe Dugarry is not the only one to blame Didier Deschamps this time. Many former teammates did not appreciate his lack of enthusiasm to condemn the calamitous remarks of Noël Le Graët on Zinedine Zidane. For many 98 world champions, the tricolor coach should have drawn faster and more frankly, ”according to L’Equipe. It would crystallize a certain resentment, especially since its extension until 2026 has not convinced either.

If the dinner scheduled in two weeks could be the opportunity for Didier Deschamps to explain himself, the evening could not be very pleasant despite the sweet memories that bring together the 22 players of Aimé Jacquet.

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