Biathlon (H): Relive the Antholz-Anterselva sprint


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First Frenchman, Emilien Jacquelin finished 6th (+1’07”), while Fabien Claude (10th, +1’26”) was the second tricolor in the Top 10. Antonin Guigonnat (+1’46″4) finished 19th, just ahead of a still disappointing Quentin Fillon Maillet in shooting (7/10, +1’46″5). Oscar Lombardot (+2’28”) ranks 42nd.


This Antholz-Anterselva sprint is therefore now over, with another victory for Johannes Boe, more than ever leader of the World Cup. The Norwegian is the first biathlete in history to win the sprint five times in a row.


Antonin Guigonnat admitted that he got a real scare after the second round: “I don’t know if I forgot to breathe, I have a lot of pressure on my chest, I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish the race. I managed to do the icing again to finish correctly but I’m wasting a lot of time. I hope that, physically, I will be able to hold on in the chase.”


Oscar Lombardot (8/10) finished in 40th position, 2’28” behind Johannes Boe.


New fault for Lombardot in standing shooting (8/10), he goes back to 46th place.


Quentin Fillon Maillet told him of his disappointment: “I expect better shooting. It’s not the pressure, maybe a lack of lucidity. I hope to be better in pursuit, I say that every time but there has to be a click .”


For Emilien Jacquelin, interviewed by The L’Equipe channel, “there are a lot of positives, while the form is far from optimal”. Regarding Johannes Boe, “it kills the suspense a bit, but you also have to enjoy having champions like that”. And Jacquelin wants him “hold the dragee high” at the Worlds, where he hopes “better days”.


Lombardot achieves a 4/5 in prone shooting, and starts from 64th position.


The German Rees (9/10, +56.7) took 4th place, ahead of Christiansen and Jacquelin.


Fabien Claude (8/10) finished in 10th position, 1’26” behind Johannes Boe, while Antonin Guigonnat (8/10), finished 14th (+1’46”), just ahead of Quentin Fillon Maillet.


Last Frenchman of the day, Lombardot is gone.


The Norwegian Christiansen displaces Jacquelin from fourth place, for just under six seconds.


Fillon Maillet (7/10), author of the fifth ski time, must be satisfied with the provisional 12th place at the finish, 1’42 “from the Norwegian leader.


Antonin Guigonnat (8/10) commits two errors in standing shooting, he comes out 10th, at the same time as Fabien Claude, author of a 4/5 on each shooting range.


Jacquelin (9/10) crosses the line in fourth position, 1’07” behind Boe.


Ponsiluoma steals second place from Laegreid, 31.4 seconds behind Boe.


Another error for Fillon Maillet in standing shooting, he finished with a 7/10, and started from 11th place.


Laegreid crosses the finish line in second place, 37 seconds behind fellow Norwegian Boe.


5/5 at the first firing point for Guigonnat, who is just over 7 seconds behind Boe. To confirm !


Boe finishes, exhausted, in first position, he is more than 1’30” ahead of his runner-up, the German Doll.


A fault for Jacquelin in standing shooting (9/10 in total), he leaves in fourth position more than 32 seconds behind Boe.


4/5 for Fabien Claude, he is provisionally 20th.


Two entry faults for Fillon-Maillet at the first shooting range. He comes out 23rd.


At the second shooting range, Boe (9/10) still leads the dance, ahead of Laegreid (10/10), just under 23 seconds.


Fabien Claude and Antonin Guigonnat left, with the 36th and 37th bibs.


5/5 for Jacquelin in prone shooting, he comes out in second position just 7 seconds behind Boe. What a start!


Jaquelin in fifth position at the second intermediate.


Fillon Maillet, second Frenchman of the day, has just left.


5/5 for Laegreid, who comes out in second position but almost 12 seconds behind his compatriot Boe.


4/5 for Boe in prone shooting, he leaves in the lead, 13.5 seconds ahead of Zobel.


Fifth in the mass start at Ruhpolding five days ago and the first Frenchman to start, Jacquelin is gone.


At the first intermediate, when eight competitors have already passed, Boe is already the fastest, with more than 12 seconds ahead of Doll.


Johannes Boe, who is aiming for a 12th consecutive podium, is gone.


Fak, the first competitor to set off, has just started.


Leader of the general classification of the World Cup, and of the discipline, Johannes Boe will start in seventh position.


Eric Perrot, who was to start with bib number 86, is ill and has been forced to forfeit.


Six French will be at the start: Emilien Jacquelin (bib 21), Quentin Fillon Maillet (30), Fabien Claude (36), Antonin Guigonnat (37) and Oscar Lombardot (84).


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