Benzema, big rant against L’Equipe

The choice of L’Equipe to make Kylian Mbappé its Champion of Champions to the detriment of Karim Benzema does not pass for some…

Was the memory of the World Cup too fresh? Still, Kylian Mbappé not only won the title of Champion of Champions France awarded by L’Equipe, but the Parisian striker crushed the ballot, collecting no fewer points against for his runner-up, Karim Benzema. And only Lionel Messi has could prevent the Bondynois from doing the double by winning the trophy of the Champion of World Champions.

The coronation of Kylian Mbappé at the expense of Karim Benzema provoked strong reactions. “He is ahead of the Golden Ball? But the golden ball is not supposed to reward the best player in the world of the season? And the first French Ballon d’Or for 24 years which eliminated the champion of champions in LDC and won La Liga.was (unsurprisingly) indignant Karim Djaziri, the Madrid adviser, yet not necessarily surprised by the result. “After the votes of 3000 French sports journalists, Benzema was elected sportsman of the year 2022 by the UJSF but the journalists of L’Equipe will manage to elect someone else in his place tomorrow as French sportsman of the ‘year “he had launched the day before, relaying the title of “Champion of the year” awarded by the Union of French sports journalists to Karim Benzema.

Mbappé, loser of the year

But the KB9 agent is not the only one to be indignant at the Champion of Champions trophy won by Kylian Mbappé. The same is true of journalist Thierry Bretagne. “I found the article in L’Equipe deplorable. To put Messi world champion and Mbappé, loser of the year, on the same level, I found that lamentable.he thundered at the microphone of Europe 1, adding: “ L’Equipe previews what Qatar is likely to do in Paris by celebrating our heroes together. But there is one who won and another who lost. »

“Excuse me, but Mr. Mbappé has only won one thing for two years: a lot of money, he added. That’s how he became the useful idiot that a wheel-sucker called Messi. » And the one who has spent most of his career in the basketball pages to remember the merits of Karim Benzema. “Karim Benzema won the Champions League and La Liga by being the top scorer. He won titles and that’s what we punish, I can’t help it.he exclaimed again, adding, definitively: “Sport is the result. And Benzema, he wins and Mbappé, he loses.

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