Benjamin Castaldi reveals to have undergone a major surgery

This Wednesday, January 4, C8 broadcast a new number of Key not at my post. During the show, Benjamin Castaldi revealed that he underwent an operation during the Christmas holidays. A surgical intervention on a part of his body which particularly complexed him.

A successful operation. Cyril Hanouna was back this Wednesday, January 4 for a new issue of Touche not at my post. At the start of the program, the host of C8 asked his columnists what they had done during the Christmas holidays. When the turn of Benjamin Castaldi arrived, this one made a surprising announcement. “I did nothing at all. I had my breasts removed”revealed the former host of Secret Story, leaving the other columnists speechless.

I saw right“, then launched Cyril Hanouna, who regularly makes fun of the physique of Benjamin Castaldi. “You gave me yet another complex. I had a small chestcontinued the latter, specifying that it was in fact a gynecomastia. “In profile it was still weird. And despite the bodybuilding, it only strengthened” this hypertrophy, also confided the columnist. He therefore had to undergo surgery to remove the excess of the mammary glands. An intervention which lasted 3h30 and took place under general anesthesia.

Benjamin Castaldi: “I feel much better”

Benjamin Castaldi also took the opportunity to explain what exactly the operation consisted of. “We cut the slices for you, remove them and then reduce your breast. So now I have no boobs!”, rejoiced the host, who must now wear a sheath because of the scars. “I feel great (…)


VIDEO – “I had my breasts removed”: the confidences of Benjamin Castaldi on the operation he underwent

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