Benjamin Castaldi reveals in TPMP the surgery he recently underwent (VIDEO)

It has become a habit in Do not touch My TV, Benjamin Castaldi is regularly chambered by Cyril Hanouna on his chest! Well this Wednesday, January 4, the son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi made a surprising announcement while the producer and emblematic host of C8 asked the columnists what they had done during the holidays.

So I didn’t do anything at all… I had my breasts removed”, dropped the ex-husband of Flavie Flament causing a slight suspicious reaction to Cyril Hanouna. “No but stop, is this story true?”retorted the facilitator. “I had my breasts removed”, insisted the former star figure of TF1. “Listen to this story, it’s incredible, I’m going to explain something to you, this story is true”, then launched Baba not without a certain sense of teasing. And to add:I saw right“.

“You stuck me with yet another complex. I had a small chest”shyly recognized the former host of Secret Story before revealing the malformation he had to treat: gynecomastia. This is precisely an increase in the amount of mammary glands in men, caused by an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. “We cut the washers for you, we remove them, and then we reduce your breasts. So now I no longer have breasts”, commented Benjamin Castaldi. “It bothered you?” Then questioned Cyril Hanouna, a bit teasing. “In profile, it was still weird, it looked like my mother”explained Benji before adding that he had undergone the operation under general anesthesia.

Last November, the one who spins the perfect love with Aurore Aleman had already confided in TPMP about this little problem he had discovered on his way to his doctor. “It seems that I have a birth defect of the nipple… So I will remove it“, he had revealed. It is now done!



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