Avatar marks the end of streaming according to James Cameron

The success of Avatar: The Way of the Water proves that spectators still want to go to the cinema for a unique experience.

Thirteen years after the release of the first Avatar in our dark rooms, the frankness of James Cameron continues to create enthusiasm. In just four weeks, the feature film reached $1.7 billion in box office revenue. Faced with such performances, the future of the Na’vi is more than guaranteed. The director has also confirmed that work on episodes 4 and 5 will be able to begin. Currently, only Avatar 3 is fully recorded. Some scenes from the fourth film were also shot, in order to avoid a flagrant aging of the young actors. in the image of Stranger Things.

But more than redefining the future of its universe, Cameron’s film says a lot about our entertainment consumption. That’s what the director said. during the Golden Globes Digital Pre-Show aired ahead of the event. For the filmmaker, this success is undeniable proof of the need for viewers to live unique immersive experiences: an objective impossible to achieve from the comfort of a sofa.

The Way of the Cinema

James Cameron is fed up with streaming, and he doesn’t hesitate to make it understood. Congratulated by variety for the success of The Way of the Waterthe director explained that he sees these statistics differently:

I don’t see it that way. I’m thinking more of the fact that we are finally returning to cinema around the world. People are even returning to cinemas in China as they endure a strong surge of Covid. All of us as a society are saying, ‘We need this! We need to go to the cinema.’ Enough streaming! I’m tired of sitting still.

If he can no longer sit in front of a streaming series, does James Cameron stay up at the cinema? Joking aside, Avatar does prove that the cinema still attracts, but there are still some reservations. After 13 years of waiting and the passion generated by the first episode, The Way of the Water had all the keys in hand to attract families from all over the world to cinemas.

Even if this project succeeded in putting streaming on the carpet for a few weeks, it remains to be seen if this experience makes viewers want to come back regularly in the long term. The filmmaker sells the bear skin before killing it.

As a reminder, the films Avatar will now be released every other year. Now that post-production work has begun on the third episode, it will arrive in our cinemas in 2024. The franchise will therefore run until 2028 with the release ofAvatar 5. Next year, James Cameron will take us to meet the People of Ashesa far from comfortable Na’vi tribe.

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