Auchan sells promotional products on Leboncoin

A major retailer, the Auchan group has decided to offer certain products for sale on the platform.

Many Auchan hypermarkets have recently been selling products on the ‘Leboncoin’ platform. The adventure got off to a slow start last summer and went into ‘accelerated’ mode a few days ago.

Every store has a ‘Professional Seller’ page

Each hypermarket offers its ‘Professional seller’ page and updates it daily. On its Leboncoin pages, Auchan states: “Welcome to our Auchan store designed to give a second life to our products and to give you (re) the pleasure of doing good business!“, writes the pro page of Bordeaux-Lake.

Used or refurbished products, but not only

The hyper adds: “DIn our shop, you will find: Exclusive arrivals and clearances; used or reconditioned products; exhibition models; products with imperfections but completely functional 🙂“, it is specified.

A PENTAX 55-300MM photo lens at €99 instead of €359

Each store manager has the hand to animate his page The good corner and especially to answer questions from Internet users. On the Auchan Bordeaux-Lac store page, customers can find a massage chair at €229 (instead of €429), or a PENTAX 55-300MM photo lens at €99 instead of €359 (-72 euros) . Interested individuals just have to go to the store to pay and collect their items.

The products offered will benefit on average from a discount of 50%

Note that the best-selling categories are household appliances, gardening and the image-sound sector. Auchan estimates that the products offered will benefit on average from a discount of 50%. Auchan Retail is also taking the opportunity to post recruitment announcements for the group’s various hypermarkets.

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