“Ask him what he wants”: when Florent Pagny was taken for a homeless person by the manager of a large Toulouse hotel

This Monday, January 23, in the program “It can happen to you”, hosted by Julien Courbet on RTL, the manager of a large hotel in Toulouse gave an amusing testimony on the singer Florent Pagny.

The embarrassing anecdote was told on Monday January 23 on Julien Coubert’s program “It can happen to you”.

The manager of a large Toulouse hotel says he took the singer Florent Pagny for a homeless person while he was staying in his establishment.

“He was in the airlock of the hotel and it was evening, it was cold, he begins as the relay Here is. He had a poncho, a hat and a dog at the end of a rope.

“I was so embarrassed”

The director then turns to his receptionist and says to him: “Listen, I don’t know if this gentleman needs anything. Ask him. But in any case, we can’t leave him like that in the airlock. ‘hotel. Ask him what he wants.”

His employee then replies that it is Florent Pagny, while the person concerned approaches to “ask that an alarm clock be brought to him”.

“He finds himself next to me and I recognize him,” confides the hotel manager. “I was so embarrassed, I was so scared that he heard what I might have said.”

Fortunately for the hotel manager, Florent Pagny, it seems he heard nothing. “I had the opportunity to greet him afterwards,” concludes the manager of the establishment.

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