are you connected in 5G?

Free Mobile subscribers: are you connected on 5G?

Two years after the launch of 5G in France, have you integrated the new generation of mobile telephony into your life? It’s your turn to speak.

At a time when more than 6 million 5G subscribers roam France according to Arcep, are you one of them? The new generation of mobile telephony was deployed at the end of 2020 by all operators, but Free was the only one to offer extended coverage thanks to the 700 MHz frequency but above all to include it at no additional cost in its €19.99/month package.

Since then, coverage has drastically increased with the operator with announced availability for more than 87% of the population. However, three conditions remain necessary to access this new technology: having the appropriate package, a compatible smartphone and being in a covered area. If Free claims that 70% of smartphones sold in its store are compatible, you may not have renewed your terminal. Similarly, 5G is currently only available to subscribers at €19.99/month or to Freebox subscribers with unlimited access for €9.99/month (Pop) or €15.99/month. On the other hand, 5G is automatically activated on the package, so no manipulation is necessary to access it.

For the time being, the operator does not communicate on the connection rate of its subscribers to its 5G network. Univers Freebox therefore wonders: are you regularly connected to 5G? You can answer us with this survey.

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