Anthony Bourbon confides in his salary in Who wants to be my partner?

One of the key investors of the show Who wants to be my partner? went back on his salary and on the money he spends when he participates.

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Arrived during the second season of Who wants to be my partner?, Anthony Bourbon quickly became one of the show’s star faces. During this third season, currently broadcast on M6, the star investor, to whom we owe the start-up feedspecializing in powdered food and protein bars, notably returned on the salary he receives.

Anthony Bourbon paid “a misery” on M6?

On the podcast mic InPower, the entrepreneur and investor explains that he and his colleagues are probably not paid as viewers imagine. For him, it is even a salary “of misery” : You get paid a pittance to do this, it’s the only show where we put our money,he reveals, “It’s not a joke, you really put your sorrel, compared to what we earn, who cares. We do it to give energyto motivate young people. He therefore assumes to be natural in the face of the candidates, even if he takes a rather gloomy look at the medium of television which, according to him, must “to reinvent oneself”. “The first time I did the filming, last year, I was really challenged, not by the false side, because the producers of Who wants to be my partner? manage to transcribe quite faithfully what happens on set But everything is very filmed, framed,” he explains, specifying that in reality, a case takes a good hour, where the show only keeps about ten minutes.

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Anthony Bourbon very critical of television

An assumed and logical editing, but which means that we will only keep striking sequences with the entrepreneurs who have come to pitch their project: “If I say a sentence ‘your project it will not work’, when in reality I advised it (…) it can completely change the way you impact” the television viewers. Anthony Bourbon nevertheless admits to trusting the production: “It’s still pretty much done right.” And in general, the investor assumes his rough sideas he explained a few weeks ago in our columns.

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