Americans mock France at Miss Universe pageant in ‘Saturday Night Live’

In one of the parodies of the humorous program broadcast on Saturday in the United States, the actress Aubrey Plaza had fun caricaturing the French Eva Colas during her participation in the beauty contest at the end of 2018.

Each year as part of the miss universe pageant, the candidates in competition carry out a kind of big rehearsal on stage where they parade in evening dress, in bathing suits as well as in national costume. In turn, they pass behind the microphone to introduce themselves, shouting their name and their country. A very brief moment which earned Corsica Eva Colasfirst runner-up to Maëva Coucke (Miss France 2018), to become an Internet meme. On the Impact Arena stage in Bangkok, Thailand, the then 22-year-old’s voice took on a high pitch. “We put so much pressure on ourselves before going on stage, saying that we have to manage to do it well”she remembered with amusement on France 3 Corsica Via Stella. “I came in all the way, with all the lights on me, wanting to give it my all and my voice went completely off the rails. I laughed about it afterwards. »

Four years later, the authors of “Saturday Night Live” have not forgotten and have fun on Saturday in the new issue of the comedy program. In a sketch parodying the beauty contest, the candidates all expressed themselves there by shouting stupidly and a member of the jury played by Tony Hawk yelled in turn in the manner of Eva Colas. Miss France, interpreted by actress Aubrey Plaza, then arrived to release two sentences: “Do not touch the vaccine” and “Tony Hawk”.

On December 16, 2018, Eva Colas failed to qualify in the top 20 of the 67th edition of the Miss Universe pageant. It was the Filipina Catriona Gray who won at the end of the evening. Since her participation in the Miss France contest and that of Miss Universe, the one who had started with the scarf of Miss Corse 2017 has created her eco-responsible brand of swimwear and jewelry, Cara Bellezza. In private, she got engaged a few months ago with her companion Matthieu.


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