Amandine Pellissard sees intimate photos leaked on Mym on many social networks, she has “identified” the culprits and is fighting back!

Emblematic mother of the show “Large families: life in XXL”, Amandine Pellissard and her husband recently made the decision to broaden their horizons by embarking on the charm market. After opening a Mym account, fans can now follow the couple on Swame. An activity that does not seem to please everyone. Far from dwelling on the hateful comments of her detractors, the mother of 8 children responded to criticism this Wednesday, January 18, 2023: “No offense to some, or some rather. Rather certain! But it doesn’t matter, we love everyone, heart on you, love on you, love your neighbor above all, “ she launched.

Unfortunately, the couple’s debut on paid platforms did not go as planned since the content offered by Amandine Pellissard and her husband leaked on social networks… A blow for the pretty brunette who does not intend to sit idly by. Contacted by us, the latter explained in particular that “The content is not copyright-free like on the free networks. The intellectual property belongs to the site that hosts the photos since it is paid content”.

The culprit identified

The person behind this leak is at great risk. “There is something that is activated on my profile called the media marker, that is to say that everything is traced, everything is identified. From the IP address and the user, to their name, since anyway, it’s a platform you can’t access without validating your identity card”. According to Amandine Pellissard, the user must also “take a photo of yourself with your ID card in your hand » to validate their profile. “It’s super square. So not only does the person have their account blown up, they get fined automatically and the site hosting the fraudulent content gets fined too.”. The links in question should therefore soon disappear…


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