Alain Prost facing subscribers: “Without me, Senna had lost his bearings”

“I did not return to the barracks”

Arrived late in driving, seeing his brother excel at karting when he was 16, Alain Prost had a revelation that day: “My brother drove in La Ciotat. I understood that day that it was my thing, while I was playing football and gymnastics. I didn’t even want to go there initially, I even hated it. Besides, I was close to signing a trainee contract at AS Saint-Étienne. When I left for the army, it was not easy to free myself for the weekends of racing, but the luck is that I was in charge of filling out the leave vouchers, I did not allow myself a lot of free weekends. I was in flight school at the time. One weekend, I had the Karting World Championships and, the next, the Volant Elf final. Between the two, I didn’t return to the barracks and I changed hotels every night so that I wouldn’t be spotted. It was fabulous. »


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