Airbus group: The boss of Airbus confirms that he is thinking about the future of his relations with his partner Atos

(BFM Bourse) – The boss ofAirbus confirms thinking about “the future of its relations” with Atosa few days after the publication of press information relating to the interest of the aeronautical giant for the cybersecurity branch of the IT group.

The executive chairman ofAirbusGuillaume Faury, confirmed on Friday “to reflect on the future of relations with Atos“, a few days after the publication of press information indicating the interest of the European aircraft manufacturer in the cybersecurity activities of the IT group.

Atos is a partner, Atos is a supplier, Atos does cybersecurity activities, so we work with them and we think about the future of relations with Atos. He is a very important partner for us, so yes we are discussing with Atos“said Guillaume Faury on BFM Business.

On Monday, the stock price of the French computer group jumped 20% after The echoes had written that the two companies were in “preliminary discussions” so thatAirbus takes over a small part of the capital of Evidian, the companyAtos must create to house its fast-growing cybersecurity, high-performance servers and digitization consultancy businesses.

No comment

Mr. Faury, who did not want to comment further on this point, on the other hand protested against some comments that Airbus could not be responsible for activities sensitive to French sovereignty, given that the aircraft manufacturer is a European group and not just French.

“We are French enough to be co-owners of nuclear activities, in particular of the M51”, the French nuclear missile launched from the submarines thatAirbus produced with Saffron through their joint venture Arianegroup, he recalled.

Airbus is a European company, with a large presence in France, with activities that are (…) for the defense of France and for extremely sovereign interests and we know how to manage that. So I do not accept hearing that we are not French enough for cybersecurity or other activities”, he insisted, recalling the “considerable advantage of being a European company” to obtain a “scale effect”.

Several other groups, including Thales and Orange, are also reputed to be eyeing the activities within the scope of the future Evidian. According to the planAtos, Evidian is to be listed on the stock exchange in the second half of 2023.

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