Air France: where is the new 777?

The first Boeing 777-300ER equipped with new cabins of the airline Air France still does not appear in the flight programs, while it was supposed to enter service before the end of last year.

The “from autumn 2022” initially planned by the French national company for the first refitted 777-300ER (F-GZNK baptized Fontainebleau), with a new Business class and new Premium and Economy seats, still does not appear in the GDS noted by Flightradar24 or Aeroroutes. The twelve 777-300ERs affected by this redevelopment will then accommodate 369 passengers (48 in Business class, 48 ​​in Premium and 273 in Economy) against 381 currently (in 42+24+315).

F-GZNK must a priori always resume service between its base in Paris CDG and the airport of New York-JFKeven if Air France did not communicate on the subject since last may. The GDS consulted by Aeroroutes at the end of December gave for this January 9, 2023 the entry into service of the new cabins, on one of the seven rotations planned by Air France between Roissy and JFK (including two operated by Delta Air Lines, its joint venture partner and in the alliance SkyTeam (the Orly – JFK is him suspended for the winter).

The destinations of the new 777s this summer should include New York every day, and for variable durations according to Aeroroutes Bangalore (1 flight per week), Dakar (daily), Dubai (only on March 27), Hong Kong (1 then from June 27 3 flights per week ), Rio de Janeiro (daily), Seoul (6 to 7 times a week, including one with extension to Beijing and three to Shanghai), Singapore (up to 3 weekly rotations between April and the end of June) and Tokyo (2 to 4 weekly flights to Haneda, three to Narita).

“Pursuing its strategy to move upmarket”, the French national company presented its new, unprecedented wheelchair on May 10, 2022. Long-haul business, “elegantly reaffirming the art of French travel”. Air France takes up the concept of the 3 “Fs”: Full Flat, it comes in a real flat bed of almost 2 meters; Full Access, each has direct access to the driveway and Full Privacy, for optimal privacy. A new sliding door makes it possible to “completely privatize your own space, thus preserving the rest of the cabin”. For more proximity when traveling for two, the seats located in the middle of the cabin now have a central wall that can simply be lowered; “a vast space of conviviality is then available to enjoy the trip together”. The chair also has a large 17.3-inch 4K High Definition anti-reflective screen, equipped with noise-canceling headphones, a new Bluetooth connection allowing you to use your own headphones, and multiple sockets.

In the cabin Premium Economy, Air France will be offering its latest “recliner” type model (reclining seat), already fitted to its Airbus A350-900, “while further improving its comfort. On board, everyone has 96 cm of space to stretch their legs. The seat foams have been reworked and the navy blue herringbone fabric provides more softness. The back reclines up to 124 degrees and has been widened to provide more privacy. A noise-reducing helmet fits in harmoniously for simple use at any time during the trip; USB A and C sockets complete the set”.

Finally in economy cabin, the seats are also “at the highest standards of comfort on the market. Each has a wide 43cm seat, 119 degree recline and 79cm of legroom. The seat back is ergonomic and offers reinforced lateral support. A USB A port is also available. These two cabins offer a large 13.3-inch 4k High Definition screen equipped with Bluetooth, “ideal for discovering more than 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment”.

Remember that Air France offers two other configurations in its 777-300ERs: a with Premierein 4+58+28+206 (296 seats), and an COI from now on refurbished in 14+28+430 (472 seats).

Air France: where is the new 777?  1 Air Journal

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Air France: where is the new 777?  2 Air Journal

©Air France

Air France: where is the new 777?  3 Air Journal

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