“Aging physically is not fun”

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Valérie Karsenti no longer celebrates her birthday: “Aging physically is not fun”. (Photo by XAVIER LEOTY/AFP via Getty Images)

On the poster for the series “Lycée Toulouse Lautrec” this Monday January 9, 2023, Valérie Karsenti temporarily leaves her role in “Household scenes” for a new television project. At 54, the actress is one of the familiar faces of the small screen. But that does not prevent him from fearing the weight of the years.

2023 will mark the 14th year in which Valerie Karsenti slips into the skin of Liliane, in the series “Scenes of households” on M6. She has played the role since she was 40, and inevitably, over the years, her appearance has changed, evolved. And like many actresses, the actress is aware of it: she is getting older. It’s normal. But for women, the passing years are often a concern, and even more so for those whose physique has an impact on their career.

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Characters that evolve with her

In an interview with the magazine Our time in 2018, the actress evoked without taboo the evolution of her physique over the years. And in particular the fact that she no longer celebrates her birthday: “: “I haven’t celebrated it for years, even if I like it when people wish me to.” She prefers it: “The fact of aging physically is no fun, especially when you are filmed.” However, she does not see that the negative idea of ​​getting old: “In return, I like the way things calm down and enrich themselves. I am acutely aware of the fragility of our condition as human beings. That we are passing through and that everything passes so quickly moves me a lot. But that doesn’t make me sad. On the contrary, it pushes me to make every moment more beautiful.”

Especially since her age allows her to explore new possibilities in terms of roles, and even to advance the character of Liliane in “Scènes de Ménages”, which she has played for so long. “As a freedom-lover, I find it important that actors get involved in projects for which they have a passion. For my part, with Liliane, this wonderful clown, I continue to discover and explore new things to each season. At the beginning, Liliane was almost an archetype of the 1950s, a somewhat submissive woman. Then, gradually, she freed herself. That’s the magic of the series, the authors take into account the actors who play them and we grow old with our characters.”

A committed actress who wants to set a good example

Alongside her career, Valérie Karsenti is also a mother, and a committed woman who wants to set a good example for his children. “I feel totally feminist and supportive. There are still so many battles to fight and win. Pay inequalities for example, if I didn’t want to cry about it, it would make me laugh.” However, she considers herself happy to have suffered very little sexism in her career: “I was lucky not to be the kind of young woman on whom this type of man could melt. And then, I “I’ve always had a fairly sure instinct to sense people who could harm me. If I came across any, I avoided them. On this subject, there is a huge educational work to be done.”

An education that she strives to offer her sons: “I have two boys and I realize that even if their father and I are aware of these issues, we must continue to talk about them. I try to show them plays and films in which the women are not only discreet, polite and modest.” Support for marriage for all, firmly opposed to the National Rally, she regrets however not having the time to campaign more. At least, for now.

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