Against the background of the crisis between manufacturers and mass distribution, the State wants to establish an “anti-inflation basket”

How to cushion the inflationary shock for households in their daily purchases? After researching the complex idea of ​​a food voucher, the government may have come up with a new device in the form of an ‘anti-inflation basket’, as revealed The ParisianMonday, January 16.

“We are only at the beginning of the reflections, but the idea is to work with the distributors on a minimum selection of around twenty basic products which they would commit to selling at the lowest possible price in consumer interestExplainin the worldOlivia Grégoire, the Minister Delegate in charge of small and medium-sized enterprises, trade, crafts and tourism, at the origin of this project. This basket would not only concern food products, but also hygiene products such as baby diapers, which represent a large part of the budget for single-parent families. »

Since May 2022, the distributors have, each on their own, carried out commercial operations (“anti-inflation shield”, “anti-inflation challenge”, “blocked prices”, etc.) with the aim of retaining customers tempted to escape to discount stores. The idea of ​​the government would thus be to better coordinate the initiatives.

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Not sure, however, that the actors of the large distribution are of as good will as in the fall, when the idea germinated within the government. The calendar is shaken up by a bill (PPL) “aimed at securing the supply of consumer products”which was to enter into debate in the Assembly, Tuesday, January 17, and against which they are upwind.

“A radical reversal”

They accuse the text, carried by the deputy of Val-de-Marne Frédéric Descrozaille (Renaissance), of having been shaped by the large industrialists of the food industry, and denounce its inflationary character. “There is a small inconsistency in asking us to fight against inflation and make a law that promotes it”launches Jacques Creyssel, general delegate of the Federation of commerce and distribution.

The tension is such that large retailers boycotted the trade negotiations follow-up meeting held on Monday morning under the aegis of the government. At Bercy, we concede to lead ” discussions “ to evolve the text which, “as it stands, is a drastic reversal which is not desirable in the current period”. “I am discussing with the deputy to seek a more balanced compromise”assures Gregory.

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