After 10 years of relationship with Thomas, Nabilla burst into tears and made a major announcement!

10 years already! This Friday, January 13, Nabilla reminded everyone on her Instagram account that she and Thomas Vergara had been together for 10 years. A real date in the life of the couple which should be celebrated with dignity. Unfortunately, the businesswoman admitted to being in the worst possible condition, with a fever of 39°C. Impossible for her to go to the restaurant where she has her habits with her darling. And recalls that the same morning, “I had the perf, I had the mask, good the total” … and apologizes for his physical presentation. The one who will celebrate her 31st birthday on February 5 also confides that they had thought of celebrating their romantic anniversary in the Maldives… but too complicated. Finally, it will be a restaurant this Monday, January 16, in complete privacy… she will surely be better!

A lavish wedding that turns to tragedy

Nabilla is very emotional… Because Thomas thought of her on this “symbolic” day by offering her his favorite ring again. The one he missed so much. “I am so happy !” And the young woman to recall the circumstances of her disappearance. On May 7, 2019, the two lovebirds said “Yes” to London in a small committee. The ex-starlet of the “Angels” was then pregnant with her first boy, Milann. Two years later, the Vergaras organized a superb party at the Château de Chantilly. A grandiose ceremony with all their loved ones which unfortunately ended very badly… On July 6, 2021, for their second marriage, while they were celebrating, the hotel room of the young spouses was completely robbed. Gone are all the wedding gifts! It was Marie-Luce, the mother of the businesswoman, who had put them aside. Or rather “under cover”. Imagine the horror of the newlyweds when they discovered their room completely emptied when they returned at 4:30 am!
But today, Nabilla was offered this beautiful ring again by her lover. A pledge of renewed love and vows that moves her as on the first day.

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