Adriana Karembeu and her mysterious companion

December 27; Adriana, who never stops calling herself Karembeu, announced her breakup with businessman Aram Ohanian in a poignant text posted on her Instagram account: “It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines . Twelve wonderful years spent together. I vibrated every moment. I have never laughed so much as at your side. Our story was beautiful and I loved it so much. However, today we have decided together to take separate roads. Love will never fade. You gave me the most beautiful of treasures… our Nina. We interrupt this statement here, because breaking news has just fallen! First, according to our friends at Here is, it would be she who would have decided to leave! Then, and this confirms the first information, when we meet her in the evening, we can only see that since her breakup, Adriana shines and seems more and more fulfilled.

She seems to have turned the page and even hinted that she would soon leave Marrakech to go and rebuild her life elsewhere, but we don’t know where yet… We’re talking about Paris or even Monaco where, he, and to everyone’s surprise, she would feel fine. It must be said that she would not be in unknown territory since her great friend is Prince Albert, who could help her find a home in the Principality. But all of this is only assumptions… At 51, if the beautiful Slovak does not reveal her destination, it would be, according to some, to cover her tracks! It is rumored that she would be in love with a handsome, wealthy man. Passing through Paris, she shot a clip “about life-saving gestures” for the Red Cross. On her Instagram account, she posted a video in which she had fun with lots of unknown friends in the chic setting of the Costes hotel in Paris. A hint: she chose to wear a T-shirt with the name of the hard rock band AC/DC. Not too much Adriana’s style, usually more precious. Also this garment raises an important question: would she be in love with a rocker?

She was seen going to the Costes party in the company of a young man wearing a cap backwards. Four possibilities: either it’s her hidden son, or it’s that of a friend, or it’s just a close friend, or this boy is the one who will now make her heart beat. We have sent our finest sleuths to investigate this crucial matter and hope to hear from you shortly. In the meantime, Adriana is recharging her batteries with her daughter Nina. It is said that the separation with Aram Ohanian would have gone well and that in the interest of their little treasure and also of their common investments, they would have kept excellent relations. It remains to be seen whether this household peace will remain if the ambassador of the Red Cross officially appears on the arm of another man. But that’s another story.


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