accused of playing a “role” in “Nightmare in the kitchen”, Philippe Etchebest makes a big revelation about the program!

His blood moves have become legendary. And there is no doubt that he was also shouting when he walked on the rugby pitches. Because yes, before becoming the famous chef that everyone knows, and the host of Kitchen nightmare, Philippe Etchebest, who recently changed his look, was a rugby player and even participated in the French Rugby Union Championship on the three-quarter line of CA Bègles-Bordeaux in 1986-1987. Finally, in 1988, he hung up his crampons to put on the apron he never left.

If, today, he is one of the most famous cooks in the country, it is primarily thanks to his media coverage. But also its mouthfuls that have become legendary. So much so that some wonder if he does not abuse a bit at times. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see Philippe Etchebest come out of his hinges, as Gordon Ramsay does in the British version of Kitchen nightmare. And precisely, the fact of having seen the British chef do a lot before the French version saw the light of day, makes viewers doubt a lot.

A role for Philippe Etchebest?

Many people think that Philippe Etchebest would overdo it on the set and leave on the spot when it would not be necessary. This is precisely the question that Anaïs asked her during a Q&A organized by Raw. “Is it a role when you get really angry on the show or do you do that in your job too?”she asked him.

What the chef replied without language of wood: “Hi Anaïs so already I’m not playing a role and I’m going to tell you something”. According to the chief, it was even a “condition” before signing for Kitchen nightmare. “It was the condition when I started Cauchemar en cuisine, not to play a role and to ensure that we always tell the truth”he assured before specifying: “And then, well in my kitchens I’m not like that. Because in my kitchens I choose my collaborators, I train them, so it absolutely doesn’t happen as you can see on TV because they are always a little… special”. The veil is finally lifted!

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