Accused of having urinated on a passenger on board a plane, the executive of a dismissed banking group

Shankar Mishra who, according to media reports, was the vice president of the Indian subsidiary of Wells Fargo, was fired following the complaint lodged with the management of Air India by the 72-year-old passenger, concerning the incident having occurred on November 26 during a flight from New York to New Delhi.

“Wells Fargo holds its employees to the highest standards of professional and personal behavior,” underlined the banking group, judging “these extremely disturbing allegations”.

That person was fired, Wells Fargo said, without naming Mr. Mishra or specifying his duties. The banking group also assured that it was cooperating with the police.

On the run

Mishra, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol during his trip, is on the run after a complaint was filed by the airline.

According to the New Delhi police, he is still at large but the officers have contacted his family.

In a statement released by his lawyers and published by the media, Mr. Mishra said he had solved the problem by compensating the passenger at the time of the incident.

“The WhatsApp messages between the defendant and the lady clearly show that the defendant had the clothes and bags cleaned on November 28” and that these articles “were delivered on November 30”, according to the press release quoted by IndiaToday.

The airline criticized

Air India, recently bought by Indian conglomerate Tata Group after decades of state control, has faced a barrage of criticism for its handling of the passenger’s complaint.

India’s civil aviation regulator has reprimanded Air India management for not reporting the incident to it. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation deplored a “unprofessional behavior” and one “systemic failure”.


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