Accused of fraud with his fans, Thibault Garcia makes his mea culpa and responds to his detractors

Since the rapper Booba attacked “influencers”, the controversies mixing reality TV candidates and dropshipping fuse. And this Sunday, January 15, it was Thibault Garcia who found himself in turmoil.

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It was in 2012, during the broadcast of the reality TV show The Marseillais in Miami, that the public discovered Thibault Garcia. But if the young man is an essential figure in the band of southerners, that did not prevent him from gradually moving away from the small screen. Far from the cameras, the one who is now the father of two children and married to Jessica Thivenin is the head of several companies, which he regularly promotes on his social networks. But this Sunday, January 15 – a few days after offering a special “Friday the 13th” offer with his brand of dental whitening kits – the young man apologized when he learned of the illegal nature of the promotion in question!

“I recognize my mistake”

Far from social networks to take full advantage ofa family weekend, by setting foot on the Web, this Sunday, January 15, Thibault Garcia realized that his name was the subject of a controversy. And after knowing the facts, it was in his Snapchat story that the young dad of Maylone and Leewane spoke. “I just realized that there is a little controversy around the offer we made. […] For Friday the 13th, we won gift cards and cash. We had already done it but we hadn’t put the money directly in the packages and there, I just saw that it was forbidden“, he explained. Aware of his mistake, Jessica’s husband still wanted to correct the words of some Internet users: There is something that bothers me, some have associated it with scams when not at all. The products have been sent, the brand has been around for seven years now […] I confess that it annoys me to be in the middle of a scam controversy because I have never scammed anyone and I never will. I am an entrepreneur, I create brands and jobs. […] I recognize my mistake, we should not have put money in cash in the packages.

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“I do not agree”

At the head of this company with his ex-girlfriend, Shanna, Thibault Garcia allowed himself to insist on the honesty of his business and called on the consumers of his products to defend his cause.Being associated with scams, I do not agree. So, I invite you to defend me, if you can, on certain articles that accuse me of fraud by saying that you have always received your packages, for years nowhe said, assuring that this clumsy gesture had the sole interest of “to pleaseto consumers!

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"I admit my mistake" : Accused of fraud with his fans, Thibault Garcia makes his mea culpa and responds to his detractors

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