a year before his fall, the singer was close to death with his companion in a domestic accident

Saturday January 21, 2023, singer Dave was invited to the set of TPMP People, on C8. If he mentioned the heavy fall from which he has the consequences, he revealed that he had been close to death during another domestic accident.

A moving testimony … Saturday January 21, 2023, almost a year after his terrible fall, Dave was invited on the set of TPMP People, on C8. Faced with Matthieu Delormeau and his columnists, the singer indicated that he had been the victim of a domestic accident in 2021, a year before his fall. He indeed said:In January of the year before, Patrick and I both nearly died from carbon monoxide in the same villa.“, before letting go with irony: “Maybe I need to change villas!Speaking directly to viewers, Dave added: “Take an alarm system because you have it for gas, but it doesn’t smell. Carbon monoxide doesn’t smell anything either and you die!

According to the singer, actress Anny Duperey saved him. “I thought of a book by Anny Duperey, who lost both parents at the age of 8, whom she found dead in the bathroom, due to carbon monoxide. I called her, I didn’t know her, I like her very much, I thanked her“, he confided. Note that to prevent a significant concentration of carbon monoxide from accumulating in a house, it is important to have the boilers, chimneys, heaters checked each year by a qualified professional. water or air ducts.

“I do not remember anything”

Victim of a heavy fall, Dave was placed in a coma for several days in January 2022. He tells us (…)

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