A technical incident causes a wave of panic on board a plane still on the ground

A technical incident on board a plane chartered by Air Mauritius caused cold sweats to the passengers even before the takeoff of the device from the island of Reunion.

A wind of panic blew on the tarmac of the airport of Reunion Roland-Garros. An Air Mauritius flight, which was to reach Mauritius, was delayed due to various incidents, reports The 1st. Upon registration, the passengers understood that they would not take off at 12:30 p.m., due to a technical incident. At 2 p.m., the aircraft which was to carry 300 passengers had still not taken off.

After boarding, disembarking and then re-boarding, panic took over on board the plane. “It was not an Air Mauritius aircraft, but Qatar Airways. The crew on board did not speak French. We boarded in the plane and we stayed there for more than 2h30 with ‘engine tests’. Everything went off and on again,” said a passenger at the microphone of the channel.

Quickly, impatience and fear began to rise on the side of the passengers. “Children were crying, a lady passed out, people were completely panicked and wanted to get off. A group of people rebelled and asked to open the doors to get out of the plane. They didn’t want to leave in this place anymore. plane there”, adds a second passenger.

The crew tried to calm things down and calm the agitated passengers down, to no avail. Frightened, the latter claim to have smelled “smells of kerosene and burning at the back of the plane”, while “the lights went out”. “It looked like a Bruce Willis film ‘Hell’s Wings’. I’m not usually afraid, it’s not the (…)

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