A pensioner is offered a dog to break with loneliness: he kills the animal the same evening

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In Belgium, a pensioner who suffered from loneliness launched an appeal to collect a pet. A couple decided to give her their dog. The animal will be slaughtered a few hours later.

It’s a story that had all the idyll and finally ends in excitement and horror. In Belgium, a pensioner killed a dog he had just been offered, on the pretext that the animal barked too much. The dog – a Maltese – had been donated by a couple.

In fact, this septuagenarian who lives in a service residence in Wanze not far from Liège (Belgium), had launched an appeal to the Belgian press. The retiree indicated that he suffered from his loneliness and that he wanted a pet: “I have no more news from my family or my friends. Here, I no longer see anyone. The presence of a animal is so comforting”, explained the interested party to our colleagues from South Info. The pensioner later published another message on social networks and explains that he has been withering away since the death of his last dog, Bouba.

The slaughtered animal

This call did not fail to touch a couple of Belgians, who decided to make their dog to the septuagenarian. Last Monday, January 23, the latter travel no less than 200 kilometers of road to offer the animal – baptized “Slipper”: “We really wanted to help this lonely gentleman”, testifies Mathias. The meeting takes place as normally as possible: the retiree is moved and even invites the couple to his home.

A few hours after handing the dog over to the retiree, the couple decides to contact the animal’s new owner to find out how his acclimatization is going. The septuagenarian then explains to them that the dog has not stopped barking and that he himself could no longer bear it. The interested party then decided to cut the Maltese Bichon’s throat. The dog was found in full agony at the septuagenarian. The couple decided to recover the body of the animal and bury it in their garden. The retiree will have to leave his service residence.

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